My Guitars
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My Guitar Collection
Here you will find pics of my many guitars...none are for sale but if one is ever for sale (don't hold your breath) I'll post FOR SALE in the title.

80's Dean Zebra Bel Aire
This is an 80's Dean Zebra hollywood series Bel Aire that i bought off ebay. I love this guitar.
Dean 78 E'lite
This is my vintage Dean 78 E'lite. As you can see in the pics shes still being restored.
Fernandes Dragonfly X
2 words QUILT TOP!!! Look at that top thats the main reason i bought it and it helped its an awesome guitar too.
One of a kind V
This is my hand made custom one of a kind flying v. Its one piece and has a KILLER flamed top.
Godin Radiator
This is my Godin Radiator in pace car blue w/ a pearloidtop.
Galvestone Vai Copy
This is my blue see thru acrylic Vai copy. It sustains like theirs no tommorow!
Group Pic of Some of the Collection
Here's a group shot of some of the guitars

Top Row L-R: Dean 78 E'lite, Dearmond M-50, Fernandes Retrospect4X bass, Godin Radiator, Fernandes Dragonfly X

Bottom row L-R:Lotus strat, Fernandes Monterey X, Danelectro 56-U2, Strat Kit, Galvestone tele

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