Gear Review Page
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The Gear Review Page
This is the page where i will review and plug great anybody with something new that needs plugged contact me and send me a sample if you want and ill plug it for you

Kradl Picks
To buy there products their site is in my links page or you can contact Russ at
  Kradl Picks
First off the bat i want to say that when Buying from Kradl in person you are treated with nothign but the utmost respect and service there is no customer hopping you sales man (i prefer Russ) ;) stays with you and helps you until you have paid etc
I was very impressed with their attitude at shows also theya re very friendly unlike some guys who stand at their booths and look stupid. Anyway onto the product...

What it is and why you need it
First off they come in 2 types "classic" and "ribbed" these picks are great i wish i would have started on these all those years back. They teach proper finger placement on the pick and i must say im yet to drop one when playing. I personally prefer Ribbed but own both and use both. The Picks run bout 3 bucks for a pack of 3 now before you start saying thats expensive consider this: Dava control picks are 75cents-1 dollar and suck they dont even correct the pick holding the Kradl picks make sure you hold the pick correctly for a better pick attack.

George L Cables
Ok here's the scoop on George L's, I can refine it down to one sentence: These cables are awesome! There isnt a way to accurateley descripe these cables without babling on and on lol. I've had this cable since March and to tell the truth the only time i picked up a different cable was to use as a patch cable. I'm dieing for more George L's lol. The cables are also decently priced i can't remember the exact amounts but contact Russ and he'll let you know. I know i've walked into a store asked for a cheap patch cable and they've put a 10 dollar patch cable down, not with George L's. It's alot cheaper and not only do you get to pick you plugs and wire BUT they cut to your length. I can't praise these cables enough.

An actual Kradl pick
This is the actual Kradl Pick (although in reality its a lil more elongated)

This is one of my favorite images
This is my good friend Hal. I took this picture on his birthday. I think he likes to be in pictures.